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How To Play Candy Crush Soda Saga To Enjoy And Win

Are you looking for the How to play candy crush soda? Keep reading this article you will find it as a Guide to candy crush. In fact, How to play candy crush saga and How to play candy crush jelly are same questions. Because both are played with the same methods and tips. Candy crush soda is an outstanding and awesome game with the twist of sweet moves. Some guys take it as a good time pass while for the others it is a challenge to win. No matter what’s your motivation is you can find this article helpful for you.

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Candy Crush Jelly Saga Game Free Apk Download

How to play candy crush soda

How to play candy crush:

Start the game, and you will get the colorful board first. This is the environment of candy crush game. The board will provide you the view of different candies in front of you in various colors at various places. The board also includes the target score besides to some bonuses. Moreover, the details of moves are also presented on the board. You can see your consumed plus your left moves to analyze your performance. When you reached your goal, the game is at the end. The progress during the whole game will be presented on the progress bar. You earn points by crushing and matching the candies. The more points are the indicator that you will win, but the fewer point’s increase the chances to lose the game soon. When you lose all five lives, then wait for the refill of life or modify the settings. If you learn Candy crush how to play online, you would never ask How to play candy crush on PC. These are same.

How to play candy crush soda by matching candies:

If you are looking for the Candy Crush apk how to play, keep reading this article for further info. Match three similar candies with the same color, and your game will go on. By matching the candies, you will see the crash, and after one crash, now candies will shift to new positions. Now set aim for the next crash. More than three candies matching will be far beneficial and exciting. For four or five matching candies you will make special candies and bombs that can burst many rows and offers you the extra points. Any two special candies such as wrapped candy and color bomb when matched will create the remarkable effects.

How to play candy crush with the Use of boosters:

Learn How to play candy crush soda and How to play candy crush jelly queen to get boosters from the very start. The boosters are a great help and make you win the game. If you are the beginner and don’t know about the Candy crush how to play booster will increase your chances to win especially when you are out of moves. Boosters include the shuffle candy, the lollipop hammer, moves, etc. Use them with the tricks and concern.


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