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Candy Crush Jelly Queen-Ultimate Tips To Handle Queen

We have arranged candy crush jelly queen tips for you which will allow you to spread jellies all upon the board firstly before Jelly queen gets control of field. There are many things you must consider before; one of these is that players take turn in the Boss mode of Jelly Queen. After they make their move, the candy crush jelly moves forward to add slimy green colored jellies, all upon the board. You can also help her spearing slimy jellies by your wrong moves, so be careful. Right way is not to let your jellies get matched with her jellies. Following are the tricks to handle problems caused in the game by Candy crush jelly queen.

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Candy crush jelly queen


In the jelly queen candy crush boss mode, this feature for candy crush queen jelly is great. Moves of queen can be snatched away with this feature and you will be able to continue moves by creation of special candies. If you are creating jelly fish against jelly queen candy crush, it will lead to loss of move by the queen. Your progress will lead you to finish levels soon. Even if jelly piece is not created you will know the way for creating candies just for stopping the candy crush apk queen from moving forward and create troubles for you.


This trick for handling candy crush jelly queen is similar to that of game of chess. Just like in chess you are required to predict in your mind about possible moves of the opponent. An example is that you will never decide to make matches that will be assistance for the candy crush queen jelly to make bigger match. Big trick here is to try to play defensively and take time for thinking to make special candies. Don’t rush for making moves against candy crush saga queen jelly, be patient and think before making moves.


If you want to beat the candy crush jelly queen, you need special candies against queen jelly for sure. Queen candy is the ruthless dictator who will get benefit of special candies against you. So, hold off and use special candies against jelly queen quickly before queen utilizes these. Delaying and thinking about using will waste your special candies and this will give time to queen to make her moves

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